Black Sea Bulgaria

Black Sea Bulgaria

Sofia is the God’s wisdom
Sofia is the guiding light in Bulgaria private tours. Bulgaria’s capital is ancient. It is cosmopolitan. It is the people coming and going, the empires, the political regimes… All of them gave their part in building the city it is today. A city with European atmosphere and Mediterranean spirit. Bulgaria private tours shows one of the two oldest European capitals.

Sofia has always been there, fortunately. To meet new generations, new challenges.

To start with, there used to be two settlements at the place of today’s Sofia 5000 years ago. Later, the ancient town of Serdika appeared. Philip II conquered it. Then, Alexander the Great governed the city. The next ruler, Constantine the Great, was in love with Serdika. They say that he once claimed ‘Serdika is my Rome!’

The oldest functioning church and one of the oldest in the world, St George Rotunda, is in Sofia. The Rotunda was a temple in Constantine’s Palace and it is also one of the attractions in Bulgaria private tours. It was built of red bricks at the beginning of 4th century.

Together with Saint George Rotunda, the Basilica of St Sofia is one of the oldest still operating Christian temples not only on the territory of Bulgaria, but in Europe as well. Today St Sofia Church attracts with its beauty and long history. Of great interest is the rare for the Bulgarian lands architectural plan. It shows a three-nave cross-domed basilica and its underground museum of the temple. It also shows the ancient necropolis of Serdica.

Not to miss Bulgaria private tours in Sofia.

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