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Coastal Bulgaria Tours Day 1

This time we suggest that our coastal Bulgaria tours begin from Burgas instead of Sofia. (daily tour Sofia) Second biggest on the Bulgarian coast, after Varna, Burgas is a modern city where one can find traits of the mysterious middle Ages. All you need to do is visit the most remarkable places in the city. Firstly, our tour starts with ‘St. Cyril and Methodius’ Cathedral – one of the most beautiful churches in Bulgaria. Then, we will have the chance to learn about the traditional culture and way of life of old Burgas in the Ethnographic Museum.

Coastal Bulgaria tours and the Sea Garden of the city

Burgas’ largest and best-known public park, is rich in flowers, trees and sculptures. It is located along the city’s coast on Black Sea and it houses a casino, the ‘Marine Casino’. Also, a small zoo and an open-air theatre where the annual International Folklore Festival takes place. So, a nice walk there with a great Black Sea view will refresh us. And not only that but it will make us ready for a visit to the island of ‘St. Anastasia’. After that, the second half of the day we will spend right there – on the island, which is the most romantic place on the Burgas Bay. A small ship, from the Bridge in the Sea Garden, will take us there. (private Bosphorus tours) Together with the delicious authentic Burgas dishes, which we will definitely try, we will enjoy the history of the island as well. It is surely one of the places to visit in Bulgaria. It is veiled in mystery and many legends and stories can be heard about it. The island is the only one that has a church – ‘The Ascension’, which is part of the monastery that once existed there. After the visit to the island, we will go back to the hotel.

Coastal Bulgaria Tours Day 2

After breakfast we leave for the ancient town of Sozopol. Tourists, on their holidays to Bulgaria, come to Sozopol for the beauty of the sea and for its rich, ancient history. The town can be paradise not only for the ones who love ancient architecture, but also for those interested in the unique archaeological relics. Even if you are not, there is no other way but to get inspired by the antiquity and grandeur of this small town. Sozopol is on the Black Sea coast, in the southern part of Burgas Bay. It is divided into two parts – Old and New Town between which is the Sea Garden. The Old Town is on the small Skamniy Peninsula which has connection, through artificial embankment and breakwater, with the island of St Cyricus. There the archaeologists found unique temples – one is from the archaic century while the other is from the elinistic. There are also two other islands in coastal Bulgaria tours waiting for us. These are the island of St Ivan (St John) and the small island of St Peter, which is next to it. Boats and a small ship from the harbour of Sozopol, will take us there. Tourist paths lead to the archaeological monument – ‘St John the Baptist’ Monastery. The Archaeological Museum reveals the history and the millennial cultural traditions of the town of Sozopol from the end of the 6th millennium BC to the 17th century AD – another stop in our tour. Then, we will have a relaxing afternoon by taking a walk on the small, cobbled streets of Sozopol to see the town’s old houses which will tell and show us the unique architecture of Sozopol. Back to Burgas.

Coastal Bulgaria Tours Day 3

We start the day enjoying the salty adventure – the Salt Museum in the town of Pomorie. Founded in 2002, the museum is the only one of the kind in Bulgaria and in Eastern Europe. It is a specialized outdoor museum. And it shows the production of salt, using an ancient Anchialos method, through solar evaporation of seawater. According to the Bulgarian historians, the salt-cellars existed before the founding of the city. For its 25-century-old turbulent and changing history, Pomorie has always been the main supplier of sea salt, rakia (brandy) and wine. Nowadays, Pomorie is still famous for its good wine. For those who love Antiquity, the Roman Mausoleum or the Thracian Beehive Tomb, will be a place of interest. This is the only one of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula and is the biggest tomb in Bulgaria. Specialists believe it served like a mausoleum of a rich Anchiali family. In the evening we go back to Burgas.

Coastal Bulgaria Tours Day 4

We will save the last day of your coastal Bulgaria tours for one of the oldest towns in Europe. It is the town of Nessebar originating more than 3200 years ago. The Archaeological and the Ethnographic Museums, churches, houses are in the old part of the town. They are dating back to the Revival Period (XVIII – XIX century). And other interesting places are ready to tell us the story of Nessebar. It is the ‘Pearl of the Black Sea’ and ‘Bulgaria’s Dubrovnik’. Contact us for more details.

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  1. I keep nice memories from Burgas and Sozopol. The city of Burgas with its Sea Garden and Sozopol with the Old town with all the cobbled streets; artists drawing pictures of the tourists, selling lovely souvenirs they had made…


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