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Balkan tours – adventurous and relaxing journey

Balkan tours – reading books and watching films about Balkan countries is a good start. Thus you get some knowledge and a desire to see. This can make you dream about visiting these places and experiencing the culture. Balkan tours can be the door for an exciting, relaxing and adventurous journey through some of the most interesting places on the Balkans. We are a tour operator based in Bulgaria. And one of the people who live on the Balkans. Believe us, it’s worth travelling around and learning more about the Balkan Peninsula. Even if you have already been to that mystique part of the world, you still have many things to discover and understand. At first sight, the Balkans look like any other place on the world. But getting to know it better, travelling around, will take you deeper and deeper in its breathing, full of life organism. An organism composed of many cells like culture, history, food, entertainment, people…

Balkan tours – the countries

Balkan tours is not a fixed tour. It is a tailor-made-by-you tour. The tour which best suits you – preference like, time like… Shortly, you are the designer of the tour which will take you to the Balkan countries. Countries, each one of which veiled in mysticism characteristic for the Balkan Peninsula only. You will be able to visit Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia. Also North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro. If we divide the Balkans according to their uniqueness and yet their sameness, a probable division would take Bulgaria to the group of breath-taking landscapes. Then, Romania – the country of mysterious castles and the legends that go with them. Follows Croatia – beautiful coastlines. And Montenegro – again the coastlines which go with quality beaches and seasides that surround lovely old towns. We shouldn’t forget about Bosnia and Herzegovina with its nature and amazing waterfalls. Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina can be leaders for those who like the history of communism and socialism. Of course, Balkan tours and Turkey – warm hospitality, delicious cuisine along with profound history. Greece – history, friendly people, interesting archaeological sites, vibrant nightlife, and relaxing beaches. Serbia, the magnificent country in the heart of the Balkans conceals precious treasures. Then, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

Balkan tours and the adventurous means of transport

Let’s get on the most adventurous form of transportation – the magic carpet or the flying carpet and start off. I am sure you have used it many times to instantaneously go to a preferred destination. Balkan countries are one such destination. Although still a relatively-unknown region and destination, the Balkans slowly start gaining popularity. The ones of you who decide to visit that place on Earth, will definitely witness an abundance of unique architecture, history (remember it’s a region of communist past), amazing nature, relaxing and beautiful beaches… Come, come whoever you are, join the Balkan tours and enjoy this mysterious place – the Balkans.

Turkey in Balkan tours

Turkey, though not whole country is in the Balkan Peninsula, is part of the journey, Balkan tours. It is the place where you feel at home. Warm people, interesting culture, delicious cuisine. And surely Istanbul. When you think of Turkey, this cosmopolitan city is the first to come to mind. Touring around Istanbul is like travelling back in time. The past is well preserved. Still there is an obvious modern streak – magnificent mosques, lively bazaars and rich history. Greece – another country rich in history, good food, friendly people, interesting archaeological sites, vibrant nightlife, and relaxing beaches. Athens is the historical capital of Europe, with a long history. Thessaloniki is Greece’s second major economic, industrial, commercial and political centre. The culturally rich Greece with its long aquamarine coastline, ancient ruins and welcoming people is impatient to meet you.

Bulgaria – feel at home country

Bulgaria, the lovely feel-at-home country, unspoilt, with interesting culture, beautiful nature and friendly people. An ex-communist country to fight and suffer the regime. The country offers a mystic blend of nature and history. Furthermore, there is a great range of adventures together with the different attractions. The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is one of Europe’s leading cultural cities. It is improving day by day. Melnik, Rila Monastery, Bulgaria’s UNESCO heritage, the Rhodope Mountains. Albania, another ex-communist country with majestic beauty. This is a country that offers a great range of unique attractions and forgotten archaeological sites. However, it needed many years to take off as a challenging tourist destination (like most of the other Balkan countries in general) and to become part of Balkan tours.

Romania welcomes you

Romania welcomes you to a world of virgin mountains and valleys, mysterious castles, scenic roads, traditions well-kept to take us in Balkan tours. Serbia, the magnificent country in the heart of the Balkans conceals precious treasures. Serbia is also a country which offers a big number of traditional music festivals and folk events. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, also known as the ‘Barcelona of the East’ for its lively nightlife. Translated, the name of Belgrade means ‘white city’. This city was built on 15 hills. The city won’t disappoint you.

Croatia – beautiful coastlines

Croatia – beautiful coastlines in Balkan tours. ‘Europe’s summer home’, ‘Ethnic battlefield’, ‘War-torn nation’ and other names does Croatia have. The English poet, Lord Byron, described the country as ‘the Pearl of the Adriatic’. These are like labels which are supposed to give tourists an idea about the country. Yes and no. The ones who follow their dream to breathe in the air on the Balkans, will find out that Croatia is a balanced mixture of all the labels. It is history, sea, beauty, nature, tolerance. ‘Those seeking paradise in the world should come to Dubrovnik’ – Bernard Shaw.

North Macedonia Balkan tours

Balkan tours has not forgotten about North Macedonia. North Macedonia is a small country located amidst Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece. Although it is not a very well-known destination, North Macedonia is gaining popularity, slowly but surely. The country’s pride is Ohrid Lake. The town with the same name, is located on the shores of the lake. The region and the lake are UNESCO site. Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Balkan tours, is a country that has just begun to get rid of the effects of communism. The effects of the war in the cities can still be seen, as the traces of the bullets on the walls have not been wiped off. The ‘Hope Tunnel’ made during the Civil War; the ‘Latin Bridge’ where the first traces of the First World War were found. Also, the Civil War in 1992, Mostar Bridge. On UNESCO’s heritage list, it has been a symbol of the faith of the Bosnian people since 1895.

Balkan tours – natural beauty in abundance

Albania means natural beauty in abundance, unique attractions, forgotten archaeological sites as well as villages where time seems to have stood still… Surely, you will be impressed with the countries in Balkan tours. Despite being an interesting and curious region and thus having a lot to offer, the Balkans remain an off-the-beaten-path destination. Still they are being underestimated by people. Still considered as poor and dangerous place to get around. Get away from the tourist crowds to visit the Balkans and be lured by fantastic sights, tasty local delicacies, touching history, and local hospitality!

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