Cross Forest mystical Bulgaria Destination

Krastova Gora (the Cross Forest), one of many mystical Bulgaria destinations

Bulgaria Destinations Day 1

First day of your customized tours Bulgaria. Firstly, we will travel to one of Bulgaria destinations, Panagyurishte, where we will go sightseeing.

Sofia – 95 km, 1,30 hours (Sofia tour guide)
Plovdiv – 80 km, 1 hours
Burgas – 315 km, 4 hours
Varna – 437 km, 5  hours

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Day 2

After breakfast we will make a city tour around Panagyurishte. It is a small, picturesque town in the Sredna Gora Mountain. Panagyurishte is an important place for Bulgaria as it was part of the April Uprising in 1876. It is also the birthplace of the teacher known as Rayna Knyaginya. She is the brave Bulgarian who sewed the flag for the Uprising. Nowadays her house is a museum.

After a visit to the famous Oborishte locality (there revolutioners discussed and accepted a plan for the April Uprising), we will leave for Koprivshtitsa (about 30 min away). We will enjoy our lunch with traditional Bulgarian dishes and will be ready to walk around that small, beautiful town. Koprivsthtitsa has been an architectural and historical reserve since 1971. The architecture there is characteristic for the Revival Period (18th – 19th century). People also associate Koprivshtitsa with the April Uprising. The first shot of the Uprising was fired there in 1876. It is the birthplace of many eminent Bulgarians.

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On the way to the town of Kazanlak, we will visit the village of Anton. There we will see the Elena Basilica, included in the UNESCO list of protected cultural monuments.

Once in Kazanlak (a nice place among many Bulgaria destinations), known as the Rose Valley or the Valley of the Thracian Kings, we will check in into a hotel and stay there overnight.

Bulgaria Destinations Day 3

Certainly, there will be a nice breakfast in the morning. After that, we will visit ‘St. Paraskeva’ church in the village of Enina. The church is a cultural monument where the oldest book written in old Bulgarian language was found.

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Then we head for the Shipka Monastery – with its 53 m-high bell tower and its bells, the heaviest of which weighs 12 tons. From there we will visit the Thracian Tomb ‘Golyamata Kosmatka’ (‘The Big Kosmatka’). We will go back to the town of Kazanlak where we will pay a visit to the Thracian Tomb. It is also in the UNESCO list. Following a lunch with traditional Bulgarian food. It is time for a rock sanctuary, located in the small town of Buzovgrad (very close to the town of Kazanlak). The sanctuary will take us back to the times when Thracians believed that the sunrise symbolized the birth and creation. As for the sunset – it symbolized death and the world of the dead people.

Our last stop for the day will be the ‘Koprinka’ Dam, for which it is said it was built over the Thracian town of Sevastopolis.

Going back to Kazanlak and stay there overnight.

Day 4

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After breakfast we leave for the town of Asenovgrad (around 2 hours). There we will visit the ‘Asenova Fortress’ (Asen’s Fortress) – a medieval fortress in the Rhodope Mountains. Slowly we get closer to the highlight of our tour – Krastova Gora (the Cross Forest). The legend says people get cured on that holy place while sleeping. Monks there also say you only need to remember what you saw in your dream after you woke up the next morning. A place full of energy and mysticism… Because of that Krastova Gora can be one of the places to visit in Bulgaria. It can be on your list for your holiday in Bulgaria and as one of Bulgaria destinations next time you plan to travel to Bulgaria.

Check in into a hotel and overnight in Asenovgrad.

Bulgaria Destinations Day 5

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On that last day of the tour we take you back to your place.

To get more details for that tour and others (including a customized tour Istanbul ), do not hesitate to contact us.



  1. I like the tour. The highlight is the Cross Forest but the tour is varied, thracian tomb, monastery, historical place, Panagyurishte


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