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Ski holidays Bulgaria in Bansko

Bansko is a charming historic town with a stunning alpine background. It is a very popular Bulgaria destination among Bulgarian and foreign tourists. Being part of the National Park Pirin, Bansko offers a great location for both summer vacations and ski holidays Bulgaria. Since 1983 the park had fallen under the protection of UNESCO.

The town of Bansko is in the foothills of the most beautiful and towering part of the Pirin Mountain. It has a population of 12 000 people and sits at an altitude of 935 m. Bansko is only 160 km away from the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia and is definitely one of the best-preferred skiing resorts in Bulgaria. (Sofia tour guides)

Bansko is among the best places for ski holidays Bulgaria and it attracts many foreign and Bulgaria tourists in the winter season. The total length of the ski tracks is 75 km, the longest one of which is 16 km long. About 90% of all 16 tracks have canons for artificial snow for high-quality as well as long-lasting snow cover.

There is also a track equipped with lights for night skiing in the region. An open-air ice skating ring works in the town during the winter season. The highest point of the ski centre is 2560m. A cabin lift is available for the tourists. There is a connection between the town and the ski zone, and with a 7 km long ski road. It offers some of the best sporting and recreation facilities such as numerous ski runs, several chairlifts and rope-lines, heli-skiing facilities serviced by helicopters, specially constructed snowboarding park. Ski runs are safe and excellently kept. Around the clock emergency aid service is in place too. Bansko is welcoming you for your Balkan holidays!

A summer something for those who like to visit Bulgaria

During the summer season the roads and the ski tracks can also be used as routes for mountain cycling. The resort is also a popular destination Bulgaria among tourists during the summer season. This is due to the various types of activities and sports that can be practiced there. These are mountain climbing, horse riding, mountain passages, rafting as well as Bansko safari, etc. Bansko safari is highly recommended to those who like to experience a different (from ski holidays Bulgaria) side of Bansko. It is also for those who like to get the excitement and a good overview of the Bansko region. All you need is to visit Bulgaria and enjoy the town.

The Bansko region is also famous for its mineral waters, which turns the resort into an attractive SPA destination. Many of the large hotels in the town have swimming pools and modern SPA centres, which offer a large number of wellness procedures. The nearby village of Banya, which is only 5 km away from the town, is known for its 27 thermal mineral springs. 6 km away from Bansko is another thermal centre – Dobrinishte, with its 14 thermal mineral springs.

Among the things to do in Bulgaria, and different from ski holidays Bulgaria, is golf. One of the most modern golf courses in the country functions in the region of Bansko. It offers excellent conditions for playing golf, combined with beautiful nature and clean air.

Music is another characteristic of Bansko. The town is a host of an annual jazz festival. It is conducted on the central square in the month of August. The admission for the concerts is free. During the festival the town livens up by the thousands of guests and admirers of jazz music.

Bulgaria holiday in historical Bansko

In the middle of the XVIII century Bansko used to be a very rich centre of different crafts as well as for trade with carpenter’s, smith’s and furrier’s goods. Local architecture is original and authentic. It’s due to the history of the town and the spiritual quests of its residence. Architecture was a reflection of the material prosperity of the town. Tall, stone-built walls fencing impressive stone-built houses of the national Revival Period of the XVIII and XIX centuries.

There are multiple museums and landmarks in the town awaiting you during your ski holidays Bulgaria or your summer vacation. 130 architectural and historical monuments of culture are registered, seven of which are of national significance. Of the main sightseeings of the town of Bansko are the “St.Trinity” Church, the “Neofit Rilski” Museum Complex, the Museum House of Nikola Vaptsarov. Also the intellectual and historical centre “St. Paisiy Hilendarski”.

In the Historical-Ethnographic Complex “Radonova House” a rich ethnographic exposition presents in a unique way the nature and the special features of the local material culture.

Ski holidays Bulgaria or summer vacations

When talking about Bansko, together with ski holidays Bulgaria or summer vacations, we surely cannot miss the traditional taverns in which dishes from the region of Bansko are served. Among the town specialties are: Kapama, Chomlek, Banski Starets, etc.

In short, whether in summer or for ski holidays Bulgaria you plan to visit the town of Bansko, don’t give it a second thought – pack your luggage and head to Bansko. You won’t regret it!

To all ski and snowboard lovers – beginners, amateurs or very good skiers – the best sporting and recreation facilities such as numerous ski runs, several chairlifts and rope-lines, heli-skiing facilities serviced by helicopters, specially constructed snowboarding park are expecting you.

To all of you, who prefer summer holidays, walks in the nature, mountain cycling and climbing, horse riding, etc., the town of Bansko with its warm residents are more than happy to welcome you. Ski holidays Bulgaria lovers, Bansko is waiting for you as well.

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ski-holidays-bulgariaThe best place for winter sports and ski holidays Bulgaria or the best location for summer activities is in the southwestern Bulgaria - the town of Bansko.


  1. It’s one of the best winter resorts in Bulgaria. I didn’t know it’s good in summer as well. ı am not a fan of cycling but walking is fine

  2. I haven’t been to any Bulgarian winter resort. What I know is they are good. I like the information about Bansko. It is pretty thorogh. I am curious to go. I am a skier, love snowboarding as well. Have to try it!


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