Monasteries in Bulgaria, tours Bulgaria, are unique because of their rich architecture, their icons and wall paintings. It’s not about religion or belief. Nor about being part of a mystery. It’s about a special atmosphere. Atmosphere of intimacy, cosiness… Bulgarian monasteries are also unique because of the legends around them. There is always mystery around each holy place.

We made this 22-day monasteries tour for a family for the summer of 2017. They visited many monasteries, many different places. All good memories and experiences.

Here we introduce the tour to you, the different destinations with some information.
The tour in tours Bulgaria
Sofia – Rila Monastery
On the day of the arrival, for all tours Bulgaria, you meet the guide. This tour started with a visit to the Rila Monastery. This is the place that preserved Bulgarian culture alive in the years of the Ottomans. The monastery is also declared a National Museum and a National Historical reserve. Not only that but the Rila Monastery is in the List of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. The monastery is one of the symbols of Bulgaria.
Rila Monastery – Melnik
A tour around the monastery to get you to know this holy place and feel its atmosphere.

Not far away is the smallest town of Bulgaria, Melnik. The tour, tours Bulgaria, takes you to a place definitely not ‘small’ in history. The thousands-year-old Melnik offers serenity, a mountain, rich history, cosiness, stunning scenery, rich wine… It is also a romantic and full of charm place.

Melnik is the smallest town of Bulgaria as well as in tours Bulgaria. People also know it as one of the places where locals produce great wine and the place of the sand pyramids. The Kordopulov’s House is supposed to be the biggest residential building on the Balkan Peninsula from the Revival period. And it is in that small town of Melnik.

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Zheravna Festival

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