Private Tour Bulgaria

private tour bulgaria

The importance of being Important while on Customized Tours Bulgaria

As a company, we in EnmarBg decided to focus on customized, private tour Bulgaria because we believe that it’s best when you travel with the people you love, family or friends.

Yes, you will see several itineraries already done on our website for you but our intention, in fact, is to help you get an idea of what Bulgaria is. We also like to help you get acquainted with the country and the region. (Sofia sightseeing) And not only that but to help you learn a little bit more about the culture of this amazing country before you start planning your Bulgaria holidays. We believe that everybody needs personal touch, understanding and excellent service. That’s why we devote our hobby and job on following you, your interests and your dreams. Travelling is not just going from one place to another. It is a journey that should touch one’s soul. It is a journey that one should go back to again and again in their memories with a smile…

Design Your Private Tour Bulgaria

If we can make a tourist remember their private tour Bulgaria with joy; If we can make them feel that they should share it with family and friends; when we make them want to visit once again that small, ex-communist country, a country profoundly rich in history, culture, adventures; when we make tourists keep that country with beautiful nature in their hearts, then only, we from EnmarBg, can be proud of ourselves but also more demanding of ourselves as people and our job. Dream and travel, explore new places, new cultures! Meet new people and make friends! Always a journey is a way to make yourself and others happy! Whatever you have in your mind we can make it true. Impossible is nothing. Give us a little bit information about yourselves and your interests. And we will make your dream Bulgaria holiday reality.

Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula. Its location and not only, mostly our experience, makes us specialists in customized tours Balkan as well. The people who like to get the taste of other cultures, the sound of the Balkan Tours and feel the pleasure of being personally serviced by a team of professionals, should not hesitate to contact us and get ideas about our lovely country Bulgaria and their private tour Bulgaria.

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private-tour-bulgariaEverybody has the child in themselves. The customer, as well, needs love and expects personal attitude and excellent service. Private tour Bulgaria has it.


  1. I only been to group tours. It’s fun but also difficult, too many different opinions. When with family or friends then it’s relaxing. I am trying to have private tours only.


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