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Pomorie – private Bulgaria holidays

Private Bulgaria Holidays – Although Pomorie is not a very big town on the Southeastern Bulgarian coast, it has its beauties and attractions. A walk on its small streets will take us to the Salt Museum. It’s the only museum of the kind not only in Bulgaria, but for whole Eastern Europe. (Sofia old city tours) It opened its doors to visitors in 2002. It is a specialized outdoor museum which shows the production of salt. It’s an ancient Anchialos method and is through solar evaporation of seawater.

Holidays in Pomorie – grab the many possibilities it offers

Pomorie has long ago appeared on the history stage. For its 25-century history the town has seen many things. At first, it was a Greek colony. Then it became a prosperous town in the Roman Empire and it had the right to cut its own money. It was also an important fortress of the First Bulgarian State. By the time of the Ottoman Empire, Pomorie was the main supplier of sea salt, wine and brandy. (Istanbul tours) The town is among the good places for private Bulgaria holidays. It is a preferred sea resort for its good location, nice climate and the fact that it’s close to resorts like Sunny Beach and the city of Burgas (that gives many possibilities for entertainment). It’s also preferred for yachting and sailing. It’s an attractive balneological resort as well and a destination perfect for personal tours Bulgaria and private Bulgaria holidays.

For those who love Antiquity, the Roman Mausoleum or the Thracian Beehive Tomb, will surely be a place of interest. This is the only one of its kind on the Balkan Peninsula and is the biggest tomb in Bulgaria. Specialists believe it served like a mausoleum of a rich Anchiali family. Another interesting place is the functioning monastery ‘St. George’. It attracts with its icons kept from XVIII and XIX centuries. On a good sunny day, we can spend the rest of the day on the beach. Certainly Pomorie has more things and places to show to tourists on private Bulgaria holidays. Please, contact us and get more information about what we offer.

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private-bulgaria-holidays-pomoriePomorie is a small town with excellent conditions for great summer private Bulgaria holidays, spa and balneo tourism. The town has its beauties and attractions.


  1. Apart from the Salt Museum, the famous healing mud baths, the history that is there, Pomorie is attractive for the birdwatchers as well. Pomorie lake offers great spots. That’s what I enjoyed the most – the lake and the birds.


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