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Balchik Kaliakra Yailata – to remember your Bulgaria tour

Our offer is for one day Bulgaria tour Balchik. Kaliakra, Yailata and Balchik are not far away from Varna. And they are on the Bulgarian coast as well. As for the capital of Bulgaria, the distance is a little bit too much for one day from Sofia. However, there is a solution. A day in Sofia for sightseeing tour Sofia. Then, from one capital to the other, Varna.

So, let the tour begin. We are leaving from Varna in the morning to the town of Balchik (Bulgaria tour Balchik). The town is the third in significance Bulgarian port after Varna and Burgas. One of the main tourist attractions in Balchik is the Architectural Park Complex ‘Balchik Palace’. It was built between 1926 and 1937 as a summer residence for the Romanian Queen Maria. Another interesting place to visit is the Balchik Botanical Garden. Two really beautiful places to visit in Bulgaria. Many places in Bulgaria can attract visitors to the country. Also, carnivals in Bulgaria are interesting and fascinating. One such carnival is Kukeri Carnival. Although I got your interest and made you curious, I am not going to spoil it. I am only going to add that the carnival happens in spring usually.

A palace with gardens

26 centuries ago Greek colonists founded today’s Balchik. And they called it Kruni. Not long after it came the name Dionysopolis (after the god of the grape-harvest, winemaking and wine). The town became an important administrative and seaport centre due to the fact that it was close to Constantinopolis (Istanbul daily tours).

At the end of the XVI century the town got the name of Balchik (Bulgaria tour Balchik). Then, in the beginning of the XX century the biggest mill appeared there. Later, in 1913 Balchik and other Bulgarian towns became part of Romania. During that period Balchik got its biggest attraction – the Palace. This is the ex summer residence of the Romanian Queen Marie of Romania. It took more than 11 years for the palace to become what it is today. And it is an amazing atmosphere together with divine beauty. Also, incredible botanical gardens that surround the palace. Following a lunch we will proceed our Bulgaria tour Balchik to the cape of Kaliakra.

Kaliakra is a nature and archaeological reserve. The cape is one of the most beautiful and historic capes in Europe. Many tourists visit Bulgaria to enjoy that place. Also its nature and history. Its name, Kaliakra, comes from Byzantine Greek and means ‘Beautiful Headland’. One of the legends for the cape says that forty girls, who didn’t want the Ottomans to capture them, tied their plaits and jumped into the Black Sea. So today there is an obelisk ‘The Gate of the 40 Maidens’, placed at the entrance of the cape.

National Archaeological Reserve

The last stop in our Bulgaria tour Balchik will be the National Archaeological Reserve ‘Yailata’. This is a seaside ledge that covers 300 decares. And 50-60 metres high rock masiffs detach it from the sea. There are Necropolises there, caves, a fortress, rocky cemeteries… and beauty, natural beauty. Going back to Varna in the evening. For this tour and others you can contact us.

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bulgaria-tour-balchik-kaliakra-yailataThree places close to Varna, beautiful and rich in history. Three places on the coast to make you remember Bulgaria. Balchik Kaliakra Yailata in Bulgaria tour.


  1. The Bulgarian seaside is great. I’ve visited it several times but never been on any excursion. These places sound attractive.

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