Holidays Bulgaria – Kazanlak – the town of the most beautiful among women, the rose…

Holidays Bulgaria is full of surprises and aromatic flavours. One such surprise is the peaceful, calm and scented Kazanlak. It has its specific scent because of the flavour of the oligeanous rose, the most beautiful among women. This is the flavour of the Rose Valley. Kazanlak is in the Rose Valley and the Valley of Thracian Kings. A small country, as Bulgaria is, specific air can be breathed when there. Not only that but the scent everywhere around the country is one of beauty, history, adventures, hospitality, mysterious rituals and stories…
Holidays Bulgaria is now in Kazanlak. The town with beautiful nature but with fascinating women as well. It is not a big town but a proud one. Proud to be in the Rose valley and also the Valley of the Thracian Kings. That can explain the specific atmosphere and flavour Kazanlak has. Atmosphere of a place where time stands still but life doesn’t; where one can feel peaceful, calm and safe. Where holidays Bulgaria is willing to take you.

The Valley of Roses and the Valley of the Thracian Kings both symbolize Kazanlak. That’s why Kazanlak is in the focus. The town is located at the foot of Stara Planina Mountain (Old Mountain), in central Bulgaria. A small, picturesque town of around 70 000 people. It is 194 km away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. A place, good enough to be the start of your holidays Bulgaria.

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