Balkan tours 2020 – 2021


Balkan Peninsula has always been one of the attractive and mysterious destinations around the world. With Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 you have the chance to breathe in the specific,  mysterious air on the Balkans. In addition, you can discover, enjoy and feel the modern and elite today and at the same time feel the mystic scent of history in the Balkan countries. These countries have the body of an old person but a very young and mature soul. Shortly, Balkan tours that you will experience in these geographical regions you will remember as your unique moment.

Here, briefly, you can learn some general characteristics of the countries involved in this Balkan entity.

Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 “Greece”

Greece Balkan tours 20-21

“You should see the landscape of Greece. It would break your heart.” – Lawrance Durrell

Greece is a nice mixture of colours and cultures. When in Greece, you feel like you constantly travel in time. From present to past, then past to present. Different pictures tell you vivid stories about history, culture, traditions, people. The capital of Greece, Athens is a whole country where you will find much more than the ancient streets …

Balkan Tours “Bulgaria”

Bulgaria Balkan tours 20-21

Small country as Bulgaria is, big in history and archaeological sites it is. Due to the fact that Thracian, Slavic, Byzantine and Ottoman states were dominant on its lands, Bulgaria is such a colourful country. Its capital Sofia is one of Europe’s leading cultural cities. Sightseeing Sofia has a lot to show.

The Kazanlak Tomb in the town of Kazanlak, the Thracian tombs in Sveshtari, the Rila monastery (which is the largest Orthodox monastery on the Balkan Peninsula) are under the protection of UNESCO.

Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 “Croatia”

Croatia Balkan tours 20-21

Croatia or “the Pearl of the Adriatic”, is at the intersection of Central Europe, the Balkans and the Mediterranean. Its area of 56,594 square km can offer many and interesting places to see. Croatia is famous for its coastline and amazingly clear water. Dubrovnik is a city that has a striking architecture of the Renaissance period. This beautiful city admires with magnificent palaces, monasteries, churches. Also, museums, fountains, immaculate sea and nature. Surrounded by walls, the Old Town, considered World Heritage, is one of the most picturesque places in Europe. The beaches are so impressive and beautiful …

“Those seeking paradise in the world should come to Dubrovnik” – Bernard Shaw

Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 “North Macedonia”

North Macedonia Balkan tours 20-21

North Macedonia is 25,713 square km and is known by the Vardar River and its mountains exceeding to 2000 metres. The country attracts attention with its delicious flavours and its cuisine that has all the tastes of Balkan geography in it. It combines both Mediterranean cuisine and Middle Eastern flavour. In addition, you can hear the Ohridians say for their homeland “God’s paradise has fallen on Ohrid”. Surely, you will enjoy Europe’s oldest and deepest Lake Ohrid.

Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 – “Bosnia & Herzegovina”

Bosnia Herzegovina Balkan tours 20-21

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that has just begun to get rid of the effects of communism. Traces of the bullets on the walls have not been wiped off and they remind of the war. Symbols like the “Hope Tunnel” made during the Civil War, the “Latin Bridge” where the first traces of the First World War were found the Civil War in 1992, the Mostar Bridge, speak of the great faith of the Bosnian people.


Albania Balkan tours 20-21

Natural beauty in abundance, unique attractions, forgotten archaeological sites and villages where time seems to have stood still…

Albania’s borders in southern Europe are drawn with Montenegro in the north, Serbia in the north, North Macedonia in the east and Greece in the south. The country also has the Adriatic Sea in the west and the Ionian Sea coast in the southwest.

The wilderness of Albania, which is much cheaper and less crowded than the more popular holiday countries, is among the places to go to if you like the landscape and Mediterranean air.

Balkan Tours 2020 – 2021 “Montenegro”

Montenegro Balkan tours

Montenegro along the Adriatic Sea has a natural charm with its magical beaches and panoramic views.

Surely you will be impressed with the countries in the Balkan Tours. You can have your special organization for you with your friends, family and close friends.

If you want to experience and taste the atmosphere of these different cultures and histories, you can contact us. You can also send us messages and questions about the country and city tours you would like to see in the Balkans.


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