Jeep safari Bulgaria

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Enjoy a Jeep safari Bulgaria

Our offer is for a day or two, or even three days jeep safari Bulgaria. It is for the central part of the country – in the region of the town of Kazanlak. We, Bulgarians, also know it as the Rose Valley and the Valley of Thracian Kings. The Balkan mountain range has all the premise for a fun and adventurous experience. The range is also known as Stara Planina or ‘Old Mountain’. The highest peak of the Balkan Mountains is in central Bulgaria, Botev peak. (private Balkan tours) Due to that fact, the range stands the third highest mountain after the mountains Rila and Pirin. On such a Balkan tour you can enjoy the endless amazing views, off road Jeep safari.

There are different things to do in the country and Jeep Safari Bulgaria is one of them.

Here we made an example itinerary for you and it’s for central Bulgaria. However, many are the Bulgaria destinations so you can always choose the Balkan holidays you like and the best places to visit in Bulgaria. We are ready to make the rest for you – arranging the fun Jeep Safari.

We pick you up from your hotel or place where you stay. Depending on how far it is from Kazanlak, we make it a one-day jeep safari. Or it can also be two days or even three days tour.

An example itinerary:

If, for example, you are in Sofia, (Sofia daily tours), we would love to take you to the picturesque town of Kazanlak. Because of that we will avoid the highway and take you on the mountain way where you can enjoy the villages. And also if we are lucky, we can see people bungee jumping from a high bridge near the town of Klisura.

Close to Kazanlak is the town of Shipka, famous for the Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ, better known as the Shipka Memorial Church or Shipka Monastery. After we get recharged at the view of the monastery with its 53 m-high bell tower and its bells, the heaviest of which weighs 12 tons, we will carry on through Shipka Pass to another monument. The monument is on the top of the Stara Planina Mountain. It is the Shipka Monument. It was built there to commemorate all those lost during the battles between Russian/ Bulgarian troops and Ottoman army in the Bulgarian War for Liberation. The monument houses an exhibition of paintings, medals, uniforms etc.

The highlight of the day in the region will, of course be the UFO building, the Monument Buzludzha. The Bulgarian Communist Regime built it to commemorate the secret foundation of the Bulgarian Social Democratic Party. The party was a fore-runner of the Bulgarian Communist Party. (communist Bulgaria tour)

We like to finish the day next to Koprinka Dam.

Before we finish the jeep safari Bulgaria though, we will enjoy a lunch. A lunch with typical Bulgarian food or it can be a picnic in the nature.

A visit to a Bulgarian village is one of the tourist attractions in Bulgaria as well. Contact us to find more about the tour.

We also offer private tours Istanbul.

Distances to Kazanlak

195 km from Sofia – great mountain road

100 km from Plovdiv

200 km from Burgas

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