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VIIIth International Meeting Bulgaria tour 2018
Diego Endara is an eccentric guy from Ecuador. He is passionately in love with Bulgaria and has already written 3 books about it. His friends from around 11 countries, mostly from middle and South America and he studied in Bulgaria thirty years ago. As a result, Diego managed to gather a group of these ex students and their families. And here they are, in Bulgaria, for their excellent Bulgaria tour. Of course, I shouldn’t forget to mention that Diego suggested an itinerary. Because he wanted to make everybody happy. He had chosen places from almost all parts of Bulgaria. Then we worked on different routes for almost a year. Eventually, a little bit tight but good program came as a result.

Some of these students (successful people and professionals today) studied in Bulgaria 30 years ago. Very few of them have come back to Bulgaria once or twice for these 30 years. But 2018 was the year they all met here, in Bulgaria. It was a great and memorable experience for them… Before 2018, they used to gather together in their countries. 2018, though, brought them back to Bulgaria.
We are looking forward to entertain you again, Diego.
The Bulgaria tour
Meet the guide at Sofia Airport at the beginning of September, 2018.
Everybody is tired from their flights. Everybody is also impatient to start the Bulgaria tour and live the emotions (and make new ones) from the past again.

Diego Endara made a great itinerary for his friends. They all enjoyed it. We are happy we could arrange this Bulgaria tour for these lovely people. These people who have Bulgaria in their hearts.

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